Challenge Your Lungs

Managing Anxiety and COPD

COPD is a disease based in the physical that spreads quickly to the mental. Since people with COPD are prone to developing higher levels of anxiety associated with the diagnosis, you must take active measures to understand, acknowledge, and manage your symptoms.

You do not have to accept worry, stress, agitation, panic, and physical tension as part of your life. Here are the best tips for managing your anxiety:

1. Learn the Symptoms of COPD

When your doctor diagnoses you with a chronic medical condition like COPD, it is your task to become a student of that condition. By accessing information from trustworthy sources, you can learn as much as you can about the symptoms of COPD and what can be done to limit them.
Limited symptoms of COPD will lead to limited symptoms of anxiety. Always discuss your symptoms honestly with your medical team to pinpoint the role of COPD.

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